March 28, 2023

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the taste of the year is getting stronger. The new year is the Year of the Tiger in the lunar calendar. First of all, I hope that everyone will be able to thrive in the new year.

Tiger is an important totem and cultural symbol in Chinese traditional culture. It symbolizes a majestic and heroic attitude towards life. The graceful body shape and unique markings distinguish tigers from other animals. Especially the word “King” on the forehead further established its noble status as “King of Beasts”.

Today we are going to draw a cartoon little tiger, which we call “Occupy the Mountain and Be King”. I hope that everyone will be full of good fortune in the new year, full of vigor and power, and show the kingly demeanor in their respective fields.

Step 1. First, we use a pencil to outline the basic shape of the cartoon tiger on the drawing paper.

Step 2. On the basis of the first step, continue to use a pencil to perfect the details of the picture, and use a liner to outline the picture.

Step 3. After drawing the line, first draw the black stripes of the little tiger with a black marker before coloring, and the characteristics of the tiger will appear vividly on the paper.

Step4. Color the main body of the picture—the cartoon tiger and the mountain top.

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