March 28, 2023

1.Talk loose

When Dad said the idiom “Snipe and clam fight”, he said: “After the clam clamped its strong mouth, the clam said that I will not let go today and tomorrow. The sun will burn you to death!”

The 6-year-old child heard this and asked his father; “Do mussels talk without their mouths?”

“Can you speak without your mouth?”

“Then when it talks, doesn’t it loosen its mouth?”

2. Goldfish Dyeing

When the father saw his son pour the blue ink into the goldfish bowl, he asked him why. Son

Zi said: “Goldfish will turn into blue goldfish after eating blue ink.”

3. progress

Brother: “What do you call progress?”

Sister: “I did more things today than yesterday.”

Brother: “Dad has made progress. Yesterday he burned a hole in his clothes when he smoked. Today he burned three holes.”

4.  Progress really fast

Son: “Mom, I got the fifth place in the exam this time, boil an egg for me.”

Mom: “Good boy, you’re making great progress. Mom will boil you two eggs today.”

Son: “Thank you mom!”

Mom: “How many people took this test?”

Son: “5 people.”

5.  Crying is better than laughing

After watching the movie “Laughing is Better Than Crying”, Pingping said to her mother, “Mom, it should be better to cry than to laugh.”


“Because when I cry, I can ask for anything.”

6.  Misuse of words

My dearest dad, hello! Is your body as strong as a cow recently? Is your work thriving? Now I am studying desperately and playing monkeys with my life. The teacher praised my great achievements, and I was complacent after listening to it. If you criticize me for overusing words, I must give up all my previous efforts and make a comeback. Long live Papa! Your first youngest son, baby.

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