March 28, 2023

1. In class, a teacher saw a female student sleeping.

While beating the drowsy girl with the whip, the teacher said: “Tell you to sleep with me, tell you to sleep with me, let’s see if you dare to sleep with me next time!”

2. The Chinese teacher explained the couplets on the stage. For example, he said: “A certain newspaper once publicly solicited the second couplet of “Nantongzhou, Beitongzhou, Tongzhou, Tongzhou, Tongzhou, Nanbei”. Pawn shop things, pawn shop pawn things.” At this time, a naughty student suddenly shouted: “Male students, female students, male and female students, male and female students.”

3. Teacher: What should I do if the weather is hot?

General students: turn on the air conditioner.

Art students : Blowing on a cool fan, eating cool ice cream.

Neurology student: Watch Korean dramas.

4. When the teacher was correcting homework for the students, he saw a student write in his diary: After dinner, I was doing my homework, and my parents actually fucked in front of me. The teacher was very angry, and commented: Parents should pay attention to the impact of their behavior on the child. This kind of thing should be done after the child is asleep. The parents explained: It was just a typo, and they had a face-to-face quarrel.

5. A student asked the teacher how to write the character dung, but the teacher forgot for a while, so he just said, “It’s on the lips, why can’t it come out?”

6. I saw a student eating potato chips in class today. I walked up to her and she gave me a piece somehow.

As soon as my brain twitched, I took it and ate it… ate…

A foodie teacher can’t afford to be hurt

7. The teacher wrote “complicated and confusing” on the blackboard, and then asked a student: “Please tell me what this idiom means?” The student stood up, pushed the glasses for myopia, and carefully looked at the four Character. After reading it for a long time, he still couldn’t understand it, and finally he said helplessly, “Teacher, I can’t see clearly.” The teacher said, “You are right, please sit down.”

8. A student was always confused about the difference between white and transparent, so the teacher got angry, picked up a glass of water, pointed to the water and asked what color it was, the student said it was white, and the teacher said, you will wear white clothes like this tomorrow Bar

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