June 7, 2023

1. Summary of 2013: Pigs voted for Shanghai, sand forced Beijing. Anti-[corruption] storm, smog in ten provinces. The petrochemical explosion [explosion], the big V is cold. Where is dad? Love Saint Wang Feng. Pengfei broke up, happy male voice. Tiredness does not love, coincidentally. My guy was stunned, Mandela collapsed. No uncle, [fishing] [fish] [island] sunny. Evergrande won the championship, and Lijun had an affair. The dream pigeon protects the child, and the Fa Junfeng. Private order, fierce in the small age. The prism peeks into the privacy, and the local tyrant reaches the top. Yellow duck parade, Chinese dream weaving.

2. Wandering in the mountains one day! Suddenly, I heard a melodious singing voice coming from the distant hillside: “My family lives on the loess high slope, and my father is my mother’s cousin. Whether it is her cousin or his cousin, they secretly have me.”

3. Going out for a bike ride in the afternoon …

Suddenly I received a text message from my father: Be careful on the road, drive well, and don’t read the text messages.

I was riding well, but I hit a tree in one fell swoop.

4. It is said that Xiaozhengtai came home from school, and his father opened the door for him and yelled at him: “You son of a bitch, you come home so late!” Xiaozhengtai was stunned, and suddenly saw the pet dog eating dog food, He rushed over and hugged tightly with tears streaming down his face: “Dad, Dad, so you are my dad. You have worked hard all these years!” At this moment, the man at the door was dumbfounded.

5. Early in the morning, the six-year-old twin sons of the landlord shook my head violently in his sleep.

Shouting, Dad, Dad, get up, a group of mice killed our dog.

That’s the shepherd dog I bought at a big price. I ran out without clothes to have a look.

I burst into tears. It turned out that the big dog gave birth last night, six little ones.

With his eyes closed, he sucked his milk leisurely, while the big dog closed his eyes and rested his mind.

6. God replied: Congratulations on becoming a father!

God replied: Congratulations, you won 5 million!

God’s reply: The head teacher is sick, and sports will be played in the next life!

7. Xiaobao: Dad! Give me ten yuan, there is an old man on the street, he is so pitiful, I want to give it to him!

Dad: Good! good! Good boy, he has sympathy at such a young age, very good, come on, take the money, um… what do you think the old man is calling? NULL

Xiaobao: He is calling: selling ice cream! Sell ​​ice cream!

8. My wife showed her husband a composition written by her son today. The title of the composition “My Dad” roughly means that the son wrote that it rained and his own corn was not covered. He went to help the widow next door to cover the corn, which eventually caused his own corn Get drenched!

9. Once, the village slaughtered pigs, and my boyfriend went to my cousin’s house as a guest. Her family had a 3-year-old son. We were eating at the table, and the son of the cousin ran back anxiously and said to the cousin at the dinner table. , Dad, Dad~ what should I do, just now my mother was squatting to pee, I saw such a thick handful of hair under her (demonstrating the size with my hand), at this time my cousin slapped my son on the face In the morning, the son cried loudly, and we all persuaded him not to hit the child. Tongyan Wuji, Tongyan Yuanji. After we got home, Leng laughed happily in the room for a long time.

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