June 7, 2023

Simple snail finger painting steps. The whole body of the snail includes eyes, mouth, feet, shells, antennae and other parts. The spiral shells on the back are of different shapes, colors and sizes. Their shells are pagoda-shaped, top-shaped, Conical, spherical, pipe-shaped, etc.

The white jade snails, big cover snails, loose big snails, bright big snails, brown cloud agate snails and so on that are domestically cultivated now have their own unique shapes. The snail’s eyes are on the back pair of antennae on the head.

Step 1. First press two finger prints, we are going to draw two snails.

Step 2. Use a circle to draw the body of the snail, and the tentacles on the lake,


Step 3. Continue to modify the body and tentacles.


Step 4. Paint yellow on the tentacles and tail of the snail, and the simple snail finger painting is finished!

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