March 28, 2023

Do you want to learn how to draw a gun like an artist? This super easy drawing guide will show you how to draw a gun very rapidly and easily.

So, fewer words and extra actions. Prepare your favourite art and let’s dip into the amazing world of drawing!

We’ll show you how to draw leaves in just 11 easy steps on how to draw leaves step by step.

Guide On How To Draw A Gun

Read below the top 11 Simple Steps on how to draw a gun. 

Step 1:

Draw a big I-shaped structure.

Step 2

Then connect the right part of I and after connecting, it will look like D.

Step 3

From the left part of it make a rectangle connected by an I-shaped structure.

Step 4  

Now make a structure which is a little wavy further on the upper side.

Step 5

Make a big rectangle on the front side just as shown in the picture. Make a straight line under it and left a little space on it.

Step 6

On the space that is left out draw vertical 4-5 lines.

Step 7

Now make a U-shaped structure connected from the left part of the gun.

Step -8

Draw the u-shaped under the structure we have made earlier and draw a tilted line which is just a detailing.

Step 9

Fill that u with lines.

Step 10

Draw two curved lines with a tilted v on the corner.

Step 11

colour it with brown and purple colour.

The bottom line

All 11 steps are very easy to work with. how to draw a Gun is not that tough that much it seems 

This guide directs the beginner to start his work in art. We always try to make art and painting more fun by giving simple & easy tricks.  

Do follow us for exciting art and surprising content. 

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