March 28, 2023

Do you want to learn how to draw eyelashes like an artist? This super easy drawing guide will show you how to draw a gun very rapidly and easily.

So, fewer words and extra actions. Prepare your favorite art and let’s dip into the amazing world of drawing!

We’ll show you how to draw leaves in just 9 easy steps on how to draw leaves step by step.

Guide On How To Draw A Eyelashes

Read below the top 9 Simple Steps on how to draw eyelashes. 

Step 1:

make some curved lines for lashes, starting from the corner of the eye. See how they turn into J shapes as you go towards the left making eyelashes.


Draw some more  J shapes. The shapes are almost the same we created earlier.


Make a curved line that turns down barely lower and to the right than each line (except for one of these which curls to the left of that line).

Step 4

On the right side of the eye, make some smoothed C-shaped lashes. As you get to the left side, start making J-shaped lashes. Some of these lashes are just curved lines.

Step 5

Make some thick eyelashes on the right side of the eye. Expand some more J-shaped strokes to the left side of the eye

Step 6

Now draw some curved lines on the lower leashes. Draw some J-shaped lashes.


Make some tilted lines.


Draw c-shaped lines just like they after connecting make a triangle.

Step 9

Highlight the eye by making it more vibrant and add a drop of tear. 

The Bottom Line

I hope you learn the given guide easy to understand and quick to draw. Children can master eyelash drawing after a few exercise sessions. Encourage your kids to make paintings and try new paintings, which helps them to formulate their brain and logical skills. 

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