June 7, 2023

In this drawing, you will learn how to draw a cute elephant. This manual is very simple and consists of eight simple steps.

This tutorial shows one of the simplest ways to draw a cute little elephant. The elephant is presented in a comic style and looks very funny.

The trunk of an elephant has a rounded shape, the head is bigger than the body, and the legs are small.

It uses simple layers that any artist can easily repeat. The drawing includes a minimum of elements, and finalizing all the drawing steps will not take so much time.

We hope this step-by-step guide on drawing an elephant will be both enjoyable and instructive for you!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw an Elephant


Draw head.

Draw the head of the elephant by making an oval structure.

Make a little space for the trunk.


Make it a little wavy 

The structure of the head that we made earlier makes it a little wavy.


Draw trunk and ear 

Draw the trunk of the elephant from the space which is left out on the head.

 Now add the ear on both sides of the head. It should look like a leaf-like structure.


Draw line

Draw a line under the ears to give detailing.


Draw eyes 

Draw the eyes of a cute little elephant in black color.


Draw the lower body part.

Draw the lower body part of the elephant.

Make the body by connecting the legs with a curved line. Also make the back, start by the ears and work your path through the leg.

Continue with the other pair of legs. We’re almost finished!

All there is left to do is to draw the tail and add a few details.

Step-7 color half of the elephant 


Color the elephant.

Bring your elephant art to life with some color. We think light purple will look great when it comes to coloring an elephant.

Congratulations! You have just gotten familiar with how to draw an elephant. It was way easier than you think, wasn’t it?


This drawing guide on step by step guide on cute elephant paintings comes to an end.

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We also recommend that you introduce yourself to drawing lessons for kids.

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