March 28, 2023

Drawing Abs is very easy, but without important tips and steps, anyone can get distracted about where to start. Today we will learn the simplest ways for kids to draw Abs. 

We make the procedure enjoyable and joyful by removing all difficulties one child can face. Be ready to explore the never-imagined way of making an ABS with a body.

Guide on how to draw an Abs

Read below the top 10 Simple Steps on how to draw an ABS. 

STEP-1 Draw chin and neck

With the help of a black pen draw the face chin and neck area.

Step 2

draw a straight line on the right hand.

Step 3

Draw a little curved and straight line of hand to complete the hand and draw a small line on the middle of the body.

Step 4

draw a curved line starting from the hand. Which is of u shaped.

Step 5

draw u shaped structure on the other side as same as the left side. And make a straight line going down.

Step 6

draw a little curvy line on the centre of the body like it is dividing the body into two halves.

Step 7

now draws the waist of the body making a v-shaped structure.

Step 8

complete the abs by making a vertical curved line below u shaped structure.

Draw another hand just like the hand is on the hair. Draw two straight lines from the body 

Step 9

draw a little line bent and joins both parallel lines of hand which we have made earlier.

Step 10

completes the structure by giving detailing and also making hair.

The Bottom Line

I hope you learn the given guide easy to understand and quick to draw. Children can master Abs drawing after a few exercise sessions. Encourage your kids to make paintings and try new paintings, which helps them to formulate their brain and logical skills. 

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