March 28, 2023

First draw the head of the cobra, draw the tongue that sticks out, draw the distorted body down, draw the stripes on the belly, draw the polka dot pattern on the body, and finally paint the snake green. A simple cobra is It’s done.

Step 1. First draw two circles, draw black pupils on top, draw a long mouth down, and draw a tongue out in the middle, so that the head of a cobra is drawn.

Step 2. Draw the soft body of the cobra downward, and pay attention to the smoothness of the lines when drawing, so that the drawn cobra will look better. Draw the rattle part on the tail, followed by the belly part on the body.

Step 3. Then draw stripes on the belly, and polka dot patterns on the body. The tails of the polka dots will become smaller and smaller. The shape of the cobra is now complete.

Step 4. Finally, paint the cobra with green, the belly with light green, the shadow with dark green, the polka dots with dark green, and the tongue with red. A cobra is drawn.

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