March 28, 2023

How to draw a squirrel with simple strokes: first draw the outline of the squirrel’s head, draw the facial expressions, then draw the body movements, then draw the lines of the stomach and the big tail behind it, and paint its eyes and nose black. Paint the inside of the ears, the belly and the end of the tail with skin color, and finally paint the whole body orange, and the cute squirrel is finished.

Step 1. First, draw the outline of the squirrel’s head, draw the ears on the top of the head, and then draw the face lines.

Step 2. After drawing the eyes, nose and mouth showing the front teeth on the face, draw the whiskers on both sides of the nose

Step 3. Then draw the body and limbs of the squirrel ears downwards, with the legs upright and the forelimbs curled up in front of the chest.

Step 4. After drawing the lines separating the stomach, draw the squirrel’s big tail.

Step 5. After painting the squirrel’s eyes and nose black, paint the inside of its ears, the rabbit and the end of its tail with skin color.

Step 6. Finally, paint the whole body in orange, deepen the tail and draw two stripes, and the cute squirrel is finished.

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