March 28, 2023

You have a score of 10 in the test and look down on others with a score of 20 in the test. Puppy love is really harmful. How can you go back?

1 . Yesterday my son got 10 points in the exam. When I scolded him, he could still say aggrievedly: Who in my class only got 20 points…

Damn it, you have a really good mentality, you still have the face to look down on others who scored 20 in the exam with a score of 10!

2. Once I wrote a cheat sheet the night before the exam and kept it in my pocket.

The next morning, my girlfriend from another school came to see me, and she was so beautiful in my heart.

Changing into new clothes, he was handsome and went to the exam, and touched his pocket when the exam started.

Puppy love really affects grades.

3. I asked my roommate to go to class, but he didn’t go… I hit him and said: Forget it, don’t go. If you go, you may not be able to take the exam. If you pass the exam, you may not be able to pass it. If you pass it, you may not be able to pass it. If you can get a diploma…you may not be able to find a job if you get a diploma, and you may not be able to afford a house if you can find a job. If you can afford a house, you may not be able to marry a wife. It may not be possible to give you a child, even if you have a child, it may not be your child. Go on sleeping, you have no hope in life! ! He got up, and I dare not go back to the dormitory now

4. When I was in high school, the landlord belonged to a slow class with poor grades. In the preliminary examination before the college entrance examination, the grades of the whole class were still not satisfactory. The head teacher said at the opening meeting: I dare not smoke in school.” Solution, head teacher: “I’m afraid I’ll set all of you idiots on fire…

5. In the language test, there is a question about filling in the blanks with ancient poems and essays. The previous sentence is “the water in the Peach Blossom Pond is a thousand feet deep”, and you are required to fill in the next sentence. A classmate was thinking about how to ask his father for money to play games, so he filled in “Not as good as Wang Lun gave me money”.

6. One day I took a Buddhist elective course, and Fang Zhang gave a lecture to everyone. The students routinely asked a few questions. Question: “Master, is this class roll call?” Answer: “No.” Question: “Master, is there an exam for this class?” Answer: “No.” Question: “Master, what about the final grades? “Answer: “Let’s go with fate.”

7. My son bounced back from school and happily reported to me that he was promoted as monitor by the teacher today. I was excited for a while. In this exam, my son changed from the last one to the second last. The teacher’s progress encouragement award is big enough! My son continued to happily say that I was elected as the sanitation monitor, and I will be responsible for cleaning the toilet once a day. Fuck! ! ! What I want to say is: Teacher, you are too talented.

8. I remember middle school, the mid-term exam, the head teacher took the paper into the classroom, and said the first sentence, I dare not bring a lighternow , do you know why? Everyone was taken aback, but he said, I’m afraid I’ll set all of you on fire!

9. When the exam is about to be handed in, a classmate really can’t figure out the last big question, because they are all guesses. So looking at the girls next to me, I was overjoyed, many of them were the same.

Suddenly the girl said: No need, I copied you.

10. It is said that the Chinese Proficiency Test is one of the most difficult exams in the world. Although the speaking speed is very slow, the content is really speechless. For example: a short listening dialogue. The man said: Oh, your teeth are so white today. The woman said: Those are false teeth. Male said: true or false? The woman said: Really. Question: Are these real teeth or dentures?

11. In the mid-term exam, my daughter took a big step back in her math performance. My wife was in a hurry and contacted a cram school. Remedial classes require students to bring their own learning tools, textbooks, materials, and training books.

After breakfast, I sent my daughter to make up lessons, and I asked her: “Is everything ready?” The daughter patted her schoolbag: “It’s ready.” I casually asked again: “What have you prepared?” The daughter said: “One pack of biscuits , two ham sausages, five jellies, and one piece of Shaqima.”

12. One day, Xiao Ming wanted to take an exam, but he didn’t prepare for it, so he planned to cheat, so he said to the classmate in front of him: “I will kick your chair later, so you can take a look at me!”

So at the beginning of the exam, when the teacher walked past Xiao Ming, he immediately kicked that classmate, but the classmate in front didn’t know whether he didn’t feel it or didn’t show Xiao Ming on purpose, so he didn’t respond. So Xiao Ming was angry and nervous and kicked three times…

I only heard the classmate in front “Meow! Meow! Meow!” three times in a row.

13. Find some free time to find some time

watch tv at home alone

Bring tiredness and worry

Open the bookcase and flip through the novel

boxing judo on screen

The book begins Huashan Lunjian

Talk to Tyson about the troubles in the book

Talk to Jin Yong about homework

Watch TV and read novels

Even if found by father and seen by mother

how long we don’t draw telenovelas

Studying for a long time also has to be a temporary pastime

find some free time

find a friend to walk around the mall

Put on your sneakers, put on your wristbands

Put on the team uniform and go to the stadium to play

A battle between dragons and tigers in the stadium

Bargaining “groups” appeared in shopping malls

Anxiety about exams vented to court

Talking about business matters with my companions

Watching the football match and going to the shopping mall

If the teacher finds out about the home visit, it will be over.

We don’t try to occupy the time of study with play.

You have to relax and be comfortable even if you always do questions for a week

14. Teach you how to cheat in the exam: In the middle of the exam, A raises his hand and tells the teacher: “Teacher, the answer to question 25 is not printed clearly!” The teacher expressed helplessness. Then B raised his hand: “Teacher, the c of question 25 is not printed clearly!”

15. My son told me when I got home from get off work today: “This time I just passed the art final exam.”

I asked: “Why?”

He said: “The teacher asked to draw a group of fish, and all the students in the class drew fish swimming in the water, and only I drew squid on a plate.”

I burst into tears instantly!

16. Xiao Ming couldn’t write a composition in the examination room. After coming out, the friend asked: “I don’t know how many words are needed to write an article?” Xiao Ming said: “Five or six hundred words.” Although five or six hundred words are in my stomach, I just can’t make them up for a while.”

17. I just moved into the new dormitory and saw a poster of Detective Conan hanging on the wall. I thought to myself that the previous owner of this dormitory must have liked to watch Conan, why not hang Conan? Later, I passed every exam, never failed a subject, suddenly realized! It turned out to be Hanging Conan (it’s difficult to pass the exam)! !

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