Clara Graves
All works are one-of-a-kind and are hand painted on silk using special dyes, and/or paints to yield images of spectacular luminosity and depth of color.

Clara Graves is a painter and mixed media artist whose work has been widely exhibited throughout North America. Trained as a graphic designer, she has focused on fabric arts including painting on silk and the creation of fabric collages.

Clara began painting on silk in 1999 and soon began to study with leading artists who inspired her to render both realistic and abstract images. Her work includes vibrant floral painting and evocative abstract images that resonate freedom, surprise and serenity. Clara balances her silk painting with explorations in collage, and for some pieces, she has combined painted silk with found objects, free-motion quilting and reverse appliqué.

Clara began her career as a graphic designer in the days when cold type and manual mechanicals were the standard form for making publications, advertisements and books. Her career as a graphic designer included work in Washington, D.C.'s leading graphic arts studios and advertising agencies. As a long-time designer of books, Clara made the transition to using computerized design tools, but missed the "hands-on" feel of working directly with the media and with colors and textures that one could touch, prod and position - by hand - to create pleasing and thought provoking images.

Silver Spring, MD

301 589 1939

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