Liz Lescault
I create organic vessel forms and biomorphic ceramic sculpture in clay. My sculptures evoke the organic and the sensual. I work from my imagination, freely incorporating and combining elemental forms found in nature, from coral reefs, the ocean depths, the detritus of the forest floor, microsopic life and the creepy crawly beings beneath our feet. My sculptures invite ambiguity. They are not easily identifiable as animal, vegetable or mineral and can both be beautiful and repelling in the same instance. The surface may be velvety and smooth, the color deep and rich, often contradicting the viewer's response to the form itself.

Liz Lescault is an accomplished ceramic artist known for her organic vessel forms and her mastery of fiery red and luscious tangerine glases. Her lauded solo exhibion "Embers" in June of 2011 marked the end of an era. Lescault's work has evolved from organic vessel forms into purer sculptural shapes. Her sculptures continue to reflect her mastery and expoloration of sensual form in a complex and naturalistic realm and dare the viewer to recognize where their inspiration originated.

Liz lived in Botswana and Lesotho where she studied traditional African ceramic techniques and in France where she studied watercolor. A selection of her work is part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of Botswana.

Liz has exhibited widely and has received many awards but prefers to concentrate her energies locally where she can have personal contact with her students, customers and fellow artists. She finds gratification in dialogue and interaction with the art community, which adds an invaluable dimension to her pursuits.

Cheverly, MD

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