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IndianArtZone is a global marketplace for uniquely handpicked 100% original, hand-painted Canvas artworks and Home decor items.  We curate every piece of Art meticulously and as our tagline goes, every piece of Art will be a mesmerizing masterpiece and will add a Wow factor wherever it is displayed be it your home or your office wal for more detail visit our website

Inspired by our strong instinct belief, we strive to popularize contemporary Indian art in India and globally.  We have a strong network of 500+ associated artists that can probably make any kind of art with top quality and detailing, and ensure we meet varied demands of every customer. We proudly support lot of economically backward artist communities who have a great hand and art sense, but just lack opportunities to be visible in front of potential global customers.  All paintings on our store are 100 % hand painted and our artists and communities do not use any rogue techniques to make them - like canvas prints, canvas transfers, or painting on prints etc. - like our competitors do. We offer 100 % guarantee that our products are hand-painted and of topmost quality.

rs Puram Coimbatore
Coimbatore 641002


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