Natalie and Vlad Danilov
Originally this series of sculptures has been developed by Natalie Danilov in the 70s and continued by Vlad Danilov in recent years. Some of the sculptures were successfully shown in US. Both artists are graduates of Designers’ University of St. Petersburg in Russia. Now they are living in New Jersey, USA.

Modern society has given birth to new divinities - computer gods.
What would they look like, we asked ourselves? Computers are impersonal. But computer terminology often has strikingly picturesque. And why not? After all, unconsciously we all think in images. The notion humanizing the impersonal, giving images to numbers, was irresistible. It took the form of series of sculptures. This is how the "Computer Mythology" collection began. We thought that the basic geometrical forms and snippets of computer codes on sculptures were just right for this series.

Vlad Danilov & Natalie Danilov

35 River Drive South Apt.702
Jersey City, NJ 07310

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