March 28, 2023

How to draw a simple parrot with fingers? Parrot species mainly live in lowland tropical forests, but also often fly to orchards, farmland and open grasslands. There are fewer types of parrots distributed in the mountains, such as Papuan lorikeets, John’s lorikeets, and Chinese big scarlet-breasted parrots. 

They generally form small groups with spouses and families, perch on branches in the forest, and mainly use tree holes as their nests.

Step 1. Press the following two fingerprints first.

Step 2. Draw the parrot’s mouth. Note that the mouth is curved downward.

Step 3. Draw the eyes of the parrot.

Step 4. Draw the crown of the parrot.

Step 5. Finally, draw the parrot’s wings and claws, and it’s done. Isn’t it beautiful?

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