March 28, 2023

The feathers around the owl’s eyes are radiant, and the arrangement of fine feathers forms a face plate, which looks like a cat, so it is named owl. Its feathers are mostly brown, dotted with fine spots, dense and fluffy, and it flies silently. Owl females are generally larger than males. The head is big and wide, the mouth is short, the sides are flat and strong, the apex is hooked, the base of the mouth has no wax film, and it is mostly covered by hard feathers. 

Like many carnivores, owls have their eyes located directly in front of their faces, giving them excellent depth perception during hunting, especially in low light.

Step 1. Press your finger on the paint, don’t stick too much.

Step 2. Press the little finger print.

Step 3. Let’s start drawing with the pen.

Step 4. Simple kindergarten children’s finger prints.

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