March 28, 2023

1.There was a second child next door, and the son envied and hated her. Say to mother: Mom, I want younger brothers and sisters. Mom said: Mom is old and can’t reproduce anymore. The son choked out: That’s easy, just marry another young mother. . . . . . . It still hurts now. . . . . . .

2.I sent my child to the kindergarten in the morning, but the little guy cried so badly along the way that he hadn’t been there for a long time, begging in every possible way not to go to the kindergarten. The teacher treats her badly and so on and so on. When I arrived at the kindergarten, I happened to meet my child’s teacher, and the little guy suddenly changed his tone: “Teacher, I miss you every day. On the way here, I thought of you and cried…”

3.Children are talking about the family pets. a: The starling raised by my grandfather can talk. b: The Persian cat my mother bought can stand on its head. c: My father raised a vixen outside, and the family quarreled every day!

4.Last night, I saw a little boy on the side of the road, jumping rope, counting while jumping, he was so tired that he was out of breath. I went up to him and asked him, “Little friend, how many did you jump?” He said, “It’s 250.”

5.My daughter is four years old and has a stubborn temper. She was disobedient today, and her father threatened her to close the toilet to reflect. The daughter gave his father a blank look, ran to the toilet by herself, and locked the door. After half an hour, the wife couldn’t help it anymore: “Open the door, baby, your father knows it’s wrong. Open the door, baby, mom can’t hold it back anymore.”

6.The three-year-old daughter was disobedient, and her mother said: “If you are disobedient, I will throw you out and pick another one back.” The little girl whispered: “The child you picked up is also disobedient, and the mother doesn’t want it.”

7.Stepping on the shadow will not grow taller. If someone walks over with their legs, they will not grow taller. After opening an umbrella in the house, it will not grow taller.

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