March 28, 2023

First draw the round head of the little cat. Draw two ears on either side of the top. Draw two round, big eyes. Draw the eyeball inside the eye. Draw the nose and mouth, like the letter “W”. Draw the small beards on both sides, like the man “three”. Draw the two front legs below the head. Use arcs to connect the head and front legs, and draw the cat’s tail. Finally coloring, the cute and beautiful little cat stick figure is ready!
Step 1. First draw the round head of the little cat, like a big ball.

Step 2. Draw two ears on both sides of the top, which are triangles.


Step 3. Draw two round and big eyes for the little cat.


Step 4. Draw the eyeball in the eye, like a football.

Step 5. Draw the nose and mouth of the little cat, like the letter “W”.

Step 6. Draw the small beards on both sides, like the man “three”.


Step 7. Draw two front legs below the head.

Step 8. Connect the head and front legs with an arc, and draw the cat’s tail.


Step 9. Paint the little cat with beautiful colors, and the cute and beautiful little cat is finished!

Cats are agile and good at jumping. Eat fish, rats, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is because cats are nocturnal animals. In order to see things clearly at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the bodies of mice and fish contain taurine, so cats are not only because they like eating Eating fish and rats is also because of one’s own needs. As a natural enemy of rodents, cats can effectively reduce the damage of rodents to young crops and other crops. The character “miao” for cats can be seen as a feature of ancient Chinese agricultural life.

The cat’s body is divided into five parts: head, neck, trunk, limbs and tail. Most of the parts are covered with hair, and a few are hairless cats.

Cats have fatty fleshy pads on the bottom of their toes, so they walk silently, and they will not startle mice when catching them. There are sharp nails on the toes. The claws can be retracted and extended. The cat draws in its claws when it is resting and walking, and only extends it when it is catching mice and climbing, to prevent its nails from being blunted. Cats have five fingers on their forelimbs and four on their hind limbs. Cat teeth are divided into incisors, canines and molars. Canine teeth are particularly well developed, sharp as a cone, and suitable for killing caught rodents. Molars have sharp protrusions on the chewing surface, which are suitable for crushing meat; incisors are underdeveloped.

The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing had happened, jumping lightly, and can’t help but be impressed by its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of the tail to achieve the balance of the body, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of the hind feet to jump nimbly. landing. Good at climbing heights, but not good at falling from the top. Even when falling or jumping from a high place, the cat uses its tail to adjust its balance so that its padded limbs touch the ground. Be careful not to break the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and it will also easily cause the cat to suffer from diarrhea and shorten the cat’s life span.

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