March 28, 2023

1. The old man said: “I’m just a daughter. When I was a child, I said every day that I would marry my father when I grew up. The problem is that I don’t see her a few times a year when I grow up. It seems that some things are backfired…”

The new year is coming, children remember to go home often… If you feel the same, please support…

2. After picking up my daughter from get out of class, I went home and passed several stalls selling barbecue and various foods, but a section of the road was just under construction, and there was only a narrow road behind the fence. I took her to the other side of the road, and she was not happy, “If you don’t buy it, let me eat it, and you won’t even let me smell it.” I…you snack!

3. The father’s position in the daughter’s mind is irreplaceable, and my daughter respects me very much.

Every time before going out, she came to ask for my opinion when she was dressed up: “Dad, how do I look in this suit?”

I said: “Well, not bad.” She immediately changed a set.

When I said I couldn’t go out dressed like this, she ran away.

4. I went to the store to buy something today, and the boss asked me: What to buy?

I said: Boss, are you selling everything in this house?

Boss: Of course, they are not expensive, they are relatively cheap.

I looked at her daughter and said: How much is this girl…

5. Mr. Chen took his daughter to the shopping mall. There were many people and he got separated. Mr. Chen was looking around and was in a hurry when he heard the broadcast: “Child XX Chen, your mother is waiting for you at the service desk on the first floor. After hearing the broadcast, please… ”

Mr. Chen wondered, why does this child have the same name as himself? Go to the first floor and see, where is your daughter waiting? Ask him: “Why don’t you say Mr. Chen XX, your daughter is waiting for you on the first floor?”

The answer was: “I’m afraid that some bad people will hear about it and pretend to be my parents and take me away forcibly…”

6. Other children sleep with toys and dolls in their arms. My daughter sleeps with bread, biscuits, and Wahaha milk. Sleep until midnight and wake up crying: Xiaoli, my Xiaoli. I went to the kitchen and brought her the pears I bought in the afternoon, and immediately fell asleep with my arms around her quietly until dawn. It seems that foodies are born.

7. During dinner, the 5-year-old daughter asked: “Mom, why did you marry Dad?” The mother looked at the father and said, “Look! Even the children find it strange.” A: If Columbus married early, he would have found out Not the American continent. B: Why? A: Because after he has a wife, his wife will ask him: Where are you going? Who are you going with? Boys’ three positive evaluations of girls: she looks good; she has a good character; Are all the calculations correct?” A: “Except for marriage, everything else is correct.” Wife: “It’s better for me to marry the devil than you.” Husband: “That’s impossible, close relatives are forbidden to marry.” Lin The old man just came to the city from the countryside, and his son asked his father to open Kai Yang Meat to pick him up to OK Hotel, where he lived on the 28th floor. When taking the elevator , the old man Lin looked at the constantly changing floor numbers on the signboard, and asked his son: “Do you still have to weigh every floor when you live in a hotel in the city?”

8. Ms. Wang, an employee of a certain company, is obsessed with online shopping. Once, when she was on a business trip, she wrote the delivery address to her mother’s house. Ms. Wang opened the package received by the courier company and saw that it was a sweater . Very happy, my daughter bought new clothes again. Sweater was too small when tried on. So, Ms. Wang had an idea. Changed the sweater into a new outfit for the family dog ​​”Heart”. the next day. Miss Wang is going home. Ask my mother: Where is the Korean version of the sweater I bought online? Mother Wang pointed to the dog’s “heart” and said proudly: “I wear small clothes, and it fits well.” Ms. Wang said miserably: My mother, 600 yuan is cheaper than a dog.

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