March 28, 2023

1 . The wife bought a lot of things for herself. The husband looked at his wife paying generously in puzzlement, and asked in wonder, “You used to be very frugal, why don’t you feel distressed at all today?”

The wife said with a smile all over her face, “Of course I don’t feel bad. I spent your private money.”

2. In the morning, my husband and wife couldn’t help but were having sex, and suddenly found that the youngest son was watching silently. The wife was embarrassed and hurriedly said, “Mom’s stomach hurts, and Dad is rubbing Mom’s belly.” The youngest son responded weakly, “Father is so kind, last time Aunt Wang had a stomachache, it was because of my father’s rubbing…”

3. There is a neighbor, the man is quite honest, and the wife is a woman. One night when I came to visit, I happened to have a friend there, so the three of us got together to fight the landlord. His wife came over at ten o’clock and said: Husband, I miss my child. He was puzzled and said: We have no children. After half an hour, the woman said she wanted to have children again, and the man said that we have no children. The woman went crazy: Knowing that there are no children, she is still fighting the landlord here!

4. I was seven months pregnant and my baby was moving at night. I told my husband coquettishly: Look at your son kicking me. He said: Don’t be angry, don’t be angry with my wife, I will go in with my stick and teach him a lesson later.

5. I was surfing the Internet one day, hung up Q, and suddenly my husband’s profile picture flashed “Are you on a date?” I’m weird.

After a few seconds, my husband replied, “Are you dating? Wife, I accidentally typed wrong just now!”

I thought to myself: My husband is so romantic.

Turn off the computer. Wait, something seems wrong!

6. In the early morning, she said to him: “Husband, I moved all the goods into the car last night, and I was exhausted…you can deal with it and it’s over!”

Looking at his wife who had stayed up all night, he said distressedly: “My wife, you are so kind. You did all the hard work by yourself, but left the easy things to me.”

After speaking, the tears had already burst, and he silently clicked “pay in full” on the shopping cart column in the upper right corner.

7. The wife complained to her husband that the clothes were broken and the buttons fell off. I can’t wear it! My husband said grandly: Change it, and change it to a new one tomorrow! As a result, the next day, the husband bought a new button for his wife!

8. The wife always wants to know which one the husband will save first when she and the mother-in-law fall into the water at the same time. The mother always tells the son to love each other and have a good relationship with his wife for a hundred years

9.  short jokes about the most humorous husbands and wives in history, such as don’t like fat ones, brother you will die miserably, a dutiful son will be born under a stick, and warn him to be honest.

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