March 28, 2023

First draw the cat’s ears, then draw the round face down, then draw the eyes, mouth and whiskers, draw the cat’s small body down, draw the upturned tail behind, and finally paint the cat’s body yellow , paint the cheeks pink, and the cute cat is drawn.

Step 1. First draw an arc with a sharp corner, then draw a triangle in the sharp corner, paint the triangle black, and the cat’s ear is drawn.


Step 2. Draw the cat’s round face down, and draw round eyes and mouth on the face. Draw the beard on the cheeks.┬áThe cat’s head is drawn.


step 3. Then draw the cat’s body, the cat’s body is smaller than the head, draw a small bell on the neck, and draw a shadow under the body. Draw the upturned tail behind.


Step 4. Finally, paint the body yellow, the cheeks pink, and the bell red. A cute cat is drawn.

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