June 7, 2023

Step 1. Draw the circle of the tiger head. Notice the bulge in the jaw and cheeks. On top of the head, several short lines meet at a sharp point. These represent tufts of fur.

Step 2. Draw the face of the tiger. Draw an egg-shaped oval for the eye. Use overlapping “U” shaped lines to form the nose and upper part of the mouth.

Draw a line over the nose to represent the nose, and a line between the mouth to form the jaw. Add dimension with a short line across the chin.

Step 3. Draw the tiger’s ears. Surround each ear shape with a long, curved line. Then, use the curve to calibrate the front face. Use the extra curves to shade the inner ear.

Step 4. Draw the chest using a series of curves. Draw the legs using a pair of long, curved lines. Use overlapping “U” shaped lines to enclose the paw and form the toes. Note the short curved lines on the tip of each toe, indicating claws.

Step 5. Draw the front of the remaining front leg with curved lines, and surround the toes with overlapping “U” shaped lines. Draw a short line at the tip of each toe to represent the claw.

Step 6. Form the back and rear hip with one long spiral.

Step 7. Make several overlapping circles around the bottom of the hip to form the hind paw. Draw a short line at the tip of each toe to represent the claw.

Step 8. Draw a long curved line extending from the hip, and fold it back to form the tail. Draw stripes of different lengths on the body, legs and tail. For each stripe, draw two curved lines and let them meet at a sharp point.

Step 9. Refine the face of the tiger. Draw curved lines from the mouth to the side of the face, and dots on the upper part of the mouth. Use Curves to draw sharp stripes. For each eye, draw a large circle with smaller overlapping circles and ovals inside.

Step 10. Color your tiger cub. Most tigers are either orange or white with black stripes.

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