March 28, 2023

Strange commercials, funny jokes, I’m the one with more, good and evil intertwined, whether the tongue is straight or crooked, tell you a secret, etc. 20 hilarious and simple jokes.

1. In a famous advertising column in Rome, such an advertisement was published: “The man who proposed to me on the steps of the Spanish Club last Saturday night , please contact me immediately, otherwise, in this week If not, I will have to marry my current fiancé.” Below is the contact address and phone number.

2. When I was young, the teacher often asked: “What will you do when you grow up?” I want to be an astronaut. I want to be a scientist. I want to be a musician. He wants to move bricks with his father. Everyone cast contemptuous glances. Fifteen years later, the brick mover became a contractor, and the brick movers under him were either astronauts, scientists, or musicians.

3. Life is like a piece of cloth intertwined with good and evil threads; our good deeds must be whipped by our past mistakes so that we will not be too arrogant; our sins depend on our good deeds to cover them up so that we will not Totally hopeless.

4. A slut who was about to fall asleep yesterday sent me a message saying: Is your tongue straight or curved when you sleep? Stick it on top, or stick it on the bottom? I saw a news today saying that putting it in the wrong place is not good for your health.

Just like that, I lost sleep…

5. The landlord eats slowly, which is well known in the office. Once a new colleague came to ask me about this, and the landlord smiled and said nothing. Finally, I had a meal with my new colleagues at the same table. After a long time, everyone put down their bowls and chopsticks. At this time, the host said: Everyone is almost done. I will pay for the rest of the meals and vegetables! bag! up!

6. As long as your jokes are more than a hundred funny, or become popular, you will feel that you are going to be famous. But actually…we don’t look at the author at all.

7. “Do you like water?” “Of course.” “Great, so you have fallen in love with 72% of me!”.

8. A little uncomfortable, dizzy. Went to the hospital, the doctor gave spanking needles. Well, just hit it. The pants were taken off, and the nurse disinfected the place where the needle was going to be inserted, which made me very itchy and nervous~~ Then, when the needle was about to come down, she farted~~.

9. Every time I quarrel with my wife, I don’t speak, but gather strength silently, force sex after going to bed at night, and basically reconcile after the incident, secretly proud of myself! But recently, I suddenly found that my wife quarreled with me every now and then, and I almost collapsed from exhaustion without saying a word!

10. Shanglian: There are endless streams of doctoral students, master students, and undergraduate students. The next couplet: The last session, the next session, the unemployment rate. Horizontal batch: willing to read and admit defeat.

11. Last night I got angry at the goddess: “Nimma, every time I chat with you, you have to take a shower, can you still have a good chat, huh?” A wet towel was thrown on my face from the bathroom: “Chat Chat, chat with Nimei, you will know how to chat!”

12. A buddy doesn’t like to talk, and he doesn’t know how to talk sweetly. His wife always complains. He dressed up in a day to show off in front of her husband, but her husband was still indifferent. She said angrily: You are stupid, you never know how to praise others . His husband replied: You are wrong, I often praise myself in my heart…

13. Just chatting with my wife, I asked her if you only have one dollar left, how much would you give me? She said give me fifty cents! I continue, what if you have 10 million? Originally, she thought she would give me five million yuan, but she said that she would give me the remaining fifty cents as well! Instantly heartbroken.

14. A little girl from 1997 came to the department. She is a fat girl. Recently I asked him if he is used to work? Are you tired? She said, can you not be tired? Other girls can get things done by acting coquettishly, but I have to rely on being coquettish!

15. The goddess was dating the male dick, it was very cold that day, the goddess deliberately did not wear a coat, and wanted to give the man a chance to show off. When they were halfway through the date, the goddess said: “It’s so cold today! I forgot to wear a coat…” The man replied: “It’s okay, it’s okay, fortunately I remembered to wear it, otherwise I would really be like you, you Look at that B sample you frozen!”.

16, The guard said to the death-row prisoner: “You are about to be shot, what wish do you need to fulfill? Tell me.” The death-row prisoner said, “Give me a body armor .” The guard said, “If you don’t Know how to stop beating your hands, and your brain will explode.” The condemned prisoner said: “Then you will give me another steel helmet .”

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