March 28, 2023

1. For those who posted big red envelopes from their husbands, I just want to ask, how do you manage the house? Why does your husband have so much money?

2. A corporate boss who owed tens of millions to the bank joked: “When you spend money from the bank, you have to feel at ease. The more you spend, the more they will loan you! Because they are afraid that you will never pay back your previous money.”

An old doctor sincerely imparted his experience to young doctors: “Accepting red envelopes is to be bold, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to accept it, otherwise patients will suspect that you are not good at medical skills and dare not accept it!”

3. I remember one time I went to the toilet and forgot to bring a tissue, so I posted it on Moments. I wondered if a colleague would see it and send it to me~~ After waiting for more than ten minutes, when I was about to go crazy, someone sent me a message. When I opened it, I almost ran away. He actually sent me a red envelope and said that I could buy it online. A certain e-buy can deliver to your door…

4. There is an older sister, her natal husband’s family is very rich, she goes to have a baby, and she packs a lot of red envelopes to manage doctors and nurses. It turned out that the birth was super smooth. The medical staff felt that it was so simple and I was sorry for the red envelope given by others, so they repaired the hymen

5. Today’s first wave: making cabbage dumplings, I saw a slugon it when I was washing the vegetables , I took it off and showed it to my mother, my mother looked at it and said: This snailis very similar to you. I said, this is a slug, not a snail, and it doesn’t look like me. Mom said, there is no room.

6. My sister-in-law pestered me to ask for a red envelope during the Lunar New Year. She thought it was too little when I sent 8.88, so I sent her another 52.0 and she sent me back 52.1. Then I sent her a 69 yuan red envelope, she tapped on my head three times and left…

7. On Qixi Festival, my husband gave me a low-cut dress. Meimei put it on and played in the park all day. At night, I was bitten by a hateful mosquito in the chest and got a red envelope.

“Look, my husband, I’ve been bitten by a mosquito on my chest!”

“Can’t you? Mosquitoes can be found in such a small place?”

8. My mother asked me just now: “Why are you always staring at your phone?” I said: “Grab red envelopes.” Mom said: “How much can you grab?” One or two yuan.” Mom said: “I’ll give you 10 yuan, and you go and clean the pot for me.”

9. It happens to be the Year of the Goat… During the Chinese New Year visit with relatives, a relative jokingly told my brother, Goat, goat, can you give us red envelopes? After talking for a long time, my younger brother came up with a sentence (only six years old): It is the elders who give red envelopes to the younger generation. How can the younger generation give red envelopes to the elders? Suddenly, the relative left silently… gone… gone…but send me one

10.My uncle came to my house and gave red envelopes to our children and told us to open WeChat. He sent red envelopes, but their mobile phones were all punctured, and the maximum was ten yuan. I said I didn’t have WeChat, and he gave it to me under the watchful eyes of my parents. one hundred.

11. A certain woman could have been a confinement wife with a monthly income of over ten thousand. If you want to take a vacation, you can temporarily suspend your job. But she did a Ph.D. As a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, night shifts are common, and first aid is routine. I don’t know how to eat when I encounter intractable diseases, and my monthly income is only 5,000, and I am suspected of accepting red envelopes to get kickbacks. There is a danger of being hacked. This is how knowledge changes destiny!

12. Colleagues have been grabbing Alipay red envelopes all morning, but the boss found out and was furious: “Absent during work hours, I don’t even want to do it anymore! Could it be that Tencent will give you more money than me? Everyone’s red envelopes are gone this year!”

Nima, this is a big loss…

13.”Master, whose red envelope are you waiting for?” “I didn’t wait for anyone. No one knows how to send it.” “You have been staring at this group for so many years, have you ever thought of looking at other groups? “I’m afraid that as soon as I change groups, these people will start giving out red envelopes.”

14. Once I was going to eat a colleague’s wedding wine, the unit said that the red envelopes would be distributed uniformly, and a female colleague in the office would collect them. We replaced the red envelopes with “food coupons”. Because we are going to have the wedding wine the next day, this female colleague is helping you and urging everyone loudly: “Everyone is coming to my place to pay the public rations, and you will not be charged if you are late!” Suddenly all the male colleagues were boiling Yes, and several others answered together: “I’ll hand it in at night!”.

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