March 28, 2023

1 .Daughter, you really give your father and me a face. You can’t do it if you don’t know how to take the exam. Why do you write couplets on the test paper. Shanglian: It is too difficult for my son to ask questions. The second line: Grandson’s invigilation is too strict. Hengbiao: My wife can’t. I was invited to the office by your class teacher and I laughed when I saw the test paper, the teacher stared at me!

2.My daughter pooped, and I asked my mother to come up and get it, but my mother said, I don’t want these pants… Then I said weakly, every time she poops, I want to throw the pants away… …

3. A woman in the United States said to another woman: I heard that your daughter got married recently. Who is that lucky young man? The woman replied: It was a brain surgeon. Oh that’s great. But how did I hear it was a professor. The woman corrected: You’re talking about my daughter’s previous husband, who was a law professor. So how do I remember being a biologist ? Then you must mean David, my daughter’s first husband, who was an excellent laboratory technician. The woman said: My God, a daughter brings so much fun.

4. A young man hurried to the sixth floor, met a middle-aged man and said, “You are Lao Li, hurry up, your daughter was hit by a car!”

The middle-aged man was stunned: “Ah? My God! What should I do?”

He rushed downstairs in a hurry. When I walked to the fourth floor, I remembered, “No, I don’t have a daughter!”

When I continued walking to the second floor, I remembered, “Not to mention, I’m not even married!”

When I went to the first floor, I stomped my feet, “My surname is not Li!”!

5. In this world, you still have to do some good deeds. Even if you don’t accumulate virtue for the next life, at least you can live with peace of mind in this life. So I want to adopt a daughter recently, preferably a well-developed and beautiful one around the age of 22.

6. I taught my 4-year-old daughter which is older, 10 or 11. After talking for a long time, she didn’t understand.

In a hurry, I said: There are two bags of apples, one bag contains 10 apples, and the other bag contains 11 apples. Which bag do you choose?

The daughter said: I choose 10.

In a hurry, I said to her: why not choose 11.

The daughter said in a crying voice: I can’t eat 11, but 10 is enough.

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