March 28, 2023

1. Pharaoh next door: Recently Chinese [horror] [horror] films have been made more and more standard, that style! That plot device!

Me: You mean Beijing No. 81?

Pharaoh: No! Small age!

2. In two years, all your modes have been unlocked.

Two years later, you are being used by others. I am helping someone train their daughter-in-law…

3. I just found out that the condom has such a cute name, it’s called “Lan Fairy”…then…get ready~sing! On the right side of the left leg and the left side of the right leg, there is an elf, they are thin and transparent, they are smooth and beautiful. They shuttle freely in the big black forest, they are safe and considerate to prevent Xi becoming a father~

4. A classmate of mine called another friend, and the other party’s grandpa answered the call. The classmate didn’t know what he was thinking, so he opened his mouth and said, “Grandpa, I’m grandma…”

Suddenly felt something was wrong, and hung up the phone with a bang…

The last one said: “I want to turn into an ambulance. Not only can someone come up to me from behind, but I can also call it.”

5. Tangyuan said: I don’t open my mouth just to keep you in my heart forever;

Water says: I am flowing all the time just to hug you forever.

The pot said: You are so fucking familiar, and you are still poor.

6. “Do you know who is the person pictured on the RMB ?”

“have no idea.”

“This is my matchmaker. I rely on him to fall in love with my girlfriend.”

7. Fatty shaved his head! The roommate touched it! Speaking of: Naked and fleshy like my girlfriend’s ass!

Fatty also touched it: It really looks like it!

8. My sister asked her niece who was in the first grade: Does your teacher beat you in class?

The niece said: Don’t fight.

At this time, my dad said that I came to ask: the math teacher hits people or the Chinese teacher hits people?

Answer: Mathematics teacher. (Ginger is really old and spicy)

9. My boyfriend snores quite loudly at night, which often makes me sleep badly. When I went shopping with my best friend today, I inadvertently complained about this matter to my best friend. My best friend said naturally: “Yes, he is like this!” After speaking, he learned a few times… We all laughed at that time. After a few seconds, the surrounding area became much quieter…

10. The most difficult thing in summer is boys. Walking in the stairwell, looking up is a hooligan, and bowing your head is also a hooligan… Walking on the road , when a gust of wind blows, you are a hooligan when you look up.

11. A 35-year-old single cousin went home alone after watching a movie last night. When she passed by a dark alley, she found a man staring at her all the time. She said to the man: “If you don’t come here again, I will call gone.”

12. When I was in college, I often skipped classes. Once I went to attend a class on a whim. The teacher came over and patted my head, and said with a smile: “It’s been a long time since I haven’t seen you, you have grown so big.”

I cried in fright.1.

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