June 7, 2023

I ran five laps around the court, I became famous in the whole school, my mother’s troubles, preparations for the end of the semester, and graduation competitions .

1. I heard from a colleague at noon today that during a university military training, there was a fat girl whose breasts vibrated a lot when she was running. A “kind” buddy came up to her and said to her: It will be more comfortable if you hold it with both hands before running. She also performed a slightly obscene demonstration… The girl got angry, and ran to the instructor to complain, and also included demonstrations. As a result, the well-meaning buddy ran five laps around the court with two big bricks in his hands after practice. …

2. The university went to the leisure center to take a bath. After washing, I was going to rest in the lobby. I forgot to wear a bathrobe, and I didn’t wear glasses. I lay on the sofa in the lounge for ten minutes and found someone laughing in the distance.

When I looked hard, it turned out that the waiters were all women, and I wanted to die at that time.

I lay naked on the couch for 10 minutes, oh my god what a shame.

Soon, I became famous in the whole school.

3. Mother A: I’m really worried. My son who is in college asks for money every time he writes a letter. I really don’t know why he wants so much money?

Mom B: I’m even more worried. My daughter who is a college student never asks her family for money. I really don’t know where she will get the money!

4. It is said that a student is planning to pre-select classes for the next semester at the end of the semester, but the content of the system is different this time. The content is as follows: “Hello, XX University, please enter your student number and press the hash number, press 5 to withdraw Press 6, return to school press 7”. Driven by curiosity, the student pressed “5”, only to hear the system reply “Successfully dropped out”. The student’s face suddenly changed, and another hope appeared in his heart at this time. Didn’t you just hear that you should press 7 to go back to school? So he pressed “7” only to hear the system reply: “Sorry, non-school students are not allowed to use this system…”

5. I’ve been more annoying recently, more annoying, more annoying. I always feel that life is a bit extreme, I think I am still not used to it, from studying hard to working overtime on weekends.

It’s been annoying, annoying, annoying lately. I always feel that the school is becoming more and more nostalgic day by day, and my friends often tease me intentionally or unintentionally. Maybe one day I should change jobs and go back to university.

It’s been annoying, annoying, annoying lately. I don’t think there’s any way to see the shore of that job, and the boss of that company is supervising it, so it’s getting harder and harder to make a fortune that everyone is happy with.

It’s been annoying, annoying, annoying lately. Where can I look forward to in a strange city? After parting with my university friends, I feel even more lonely now.

It’s been annoying, annoying, annoying lately. My friend said that after four years of hard work, I have no female companion. I asked the monitor: What should I do? He said basically no chance.

6. I remember skipping classes and playing games every day in the dormitory when I was in college. Now that I have graduated and have been in the society for a few years, I just want to say that if I were given another chance, I would never skip classes and play games. Find a daughter-in-law, because after graduation, you will be next to either the Seven Monsters of the South of the Yangtze River or the Undefeated East.

7. There are a group of great and selfless scumbags in the college entrance examination every year. They know that their grades are poor and they will not be able to enter the university, but they insist on the college entrance examination every year. Let the top students enter a good school.

8. My roommate in college has a beard, so I shave it every day. Another single roommate couldn’t see it, saying that he dressed like that every day, and that’s how he dressed. This guy replied, my daughter-in-law said to tie her thighs.

9. In the review class before the college exam, the teacher walked into the classroom and said to the students: This year, the school stipulates that it is not allowed to focus! After speaking, the students sighed. Teacher: Okay, everyone, take out the books now, let’s underline the non-essential points!

10. The buddies are chatting, and everyone is discussing which university girls are most welcome.

A: Of course it’s Peking University , that’s a real girl from the capital.

B: No, I prefer girls from Jiangnan University, they are pretty and gentle.

B looked at the two of them with contempt: no taste, too low pursuit!

A and B: I don’t know your opinion?

C: Of course it is from the University of Poland, and Ningbo University is the most welcome.

A and B: …

11. Every year when the college entrance examination scores are awarded, one group will cry and one group will laugh, one group will be bleak and one group will be brilliant;

Those who are sad think they have gone to hell, and those who are happy think they have really gone to heaven;

Only those who have been to university know that no matter how hard a university is, you can work hard, and no matter how NB a university is, it is full of depravity;

Don’t cry, don’t talk too early about the coquettish four years later, who will rule the world;

Mistakes may make people grow more than wishes come true.

12. You have entered the ranks of the top 2% richest people occupying the peak of China’s wealth, and 98% of the 1.3 billion people are not as high as your income! This is not a joke: CPPCC members, finance ministers , and Kemp, who are also members of the CPPCC National Committee, have 28 million people, accounting for less than 2% of the total population. In other words, as soon as you graduate from university, you start a career in the trenches. Enough!

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