March 28, 2023

Everyone is ready to draw sketches with pencils, draw lines with needle pens, color with colored pens and drawing paper, and we can start to draw the frog prince! They are all very simple painting tools that everyone can buy and keep.

Step 1: Draw a crown for the frog prince. The small crown is like a hill with three pointed corners. Then draw small circles on the pointed corners of the crown to represent gems.

Step 2: Draw the head of the frog prince. The frog’s eyeballs are protruding, so when drawing the head, it is not a circle, but two small circles with protruding eyes should be drawn! Just follow the picture below.

Step 3: Draw the big eyes of the frog prince, very cute.

Step 4: Then draw a smiling mouth for the frog prince.

Step 5: Draw the body and four legs of the frog prince.

Step 6: Finally, paint with colored pens, the crown is painted golden yellow, the body of the frog prince is green, and the eyes are black. The simple strokes of a frog turned into a prince are ready

Have you learned how to draw the frog prince? Let’s draw a cute frog prince together!

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