March 28, 2023

Start by drawing a large, not so round circle on the left side of the paper. Draw a crescent shape on top to look like a hat. Draw two curved horns and two ears. Draw the eyes, earrings, nostrils and small mouth. Draw the big body and short legs. Draw the little tail behind the body. Draw decorative patterns on the body. Paint the calf with beautiful colors, and the cartoon cow’s stick figure is ready.

Step 1. Draw a big, not so round circle on the left side of the paper.

Step 2. Draw a crescent shape on it, which looks like a hat.

Step 3. Draw two curved horns and two ears.

Step 4. Draw the eyes, earrings, nostrils and small mouth.

Step 5. Draw the big body and short legs.

Step 6. Draw a small tail behind the body.

Step 7. Draw decorative patterns on the body.

Step 8. Paint the calf with beautiful colors, the stick figure of the cartoon cow is finished!

We actually respect cattle, a loyal and kind animal, and a good labor partner of human beings since ancient times. The willow tree has just sprouted new buds, the ground is moving, and it’s time to start plowing. Needless to say, the cow is our good helper. Double robbing the season, getting up early and working late, exhausted until the bones of the body fell apart. The cattle also bear a lot of hard work, and at least they have to lose a few catties. Once the autumn harvest is over and the weather turns cold, it’s time to take a rest, but it’s time to grind mud and bricks to build a house. During this period, from time to time, I had to take the time to drive an ox cart to transport this and that. Throughout the year, in the wind and rain, how many times have they been lazy and enjoyed the comfort? They have always endured and worked in silence, silently shedding their sweat and blood on the ground.

Cows also have their own personalities and characteristics, some are reserved and dignified, some are childish, some are violent, and some are very docile, with big trusting eyes, always watching your every little move , with a little gesture, I will understand your request. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice who is just learning the rake, you can follow it into battle as much as you want, and you can rely on its loyalty and proficiency. It is true that they can’t speak, but at the same time they don’t put on airs, and they don’t have the slightest intention of harming others.

Some cows with their own children are even more adorable. The two round eyes of the calf are like two bright lights.

Cows are vegetarian animals and have a wide range of food. They like to eat green grass most, and also like to eat some green plants (or fruits), such as water peanuts, sweet potato vines (seedlings), corn (seedlings), rice, wheat seedlings, etc.

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