March 28, 2023

Can accumulate to redeem codes in the future, life is so contradictory, you are kidding me, uncle pol-ice, go straight to the beautiful woman, I just can’t understand that rabbits are so cute, but she likes carrots, decline to bargain humorous 20 of the strongest and latest short jokes in history, such as sayings.

1. “Husband, today I sent you three jokes again, you have to fulfill the promise of posting one once!” “Honey, you have sent me 32 jokes this month, can you accumulate it and cash it later? “”…”

2. When I was young, I looked forward to growing up, thinking that when I grow up, I will not , but in the end… I grow up.
But I miss my childhood, at least I can find support when I am afraid, but when I grow up, I can only pretend to be strong.

3. When I went to buy fish today, I asked how to sell the fish. The boss said that it was 13 catties. I said it was so expensive. The boss said that wild ones must be expensive. A water plant came out and said, look, this is wild

4. A buddy, drunk driving, saw the police coming, so he got out of the car, pushed it up behind him, saying that the key was lost, and later, it was the uncle of the police who got him a tow truck

5. My buddy and I are waiting for a taxi. After waiting for more than ten minutes, a beautiful woman also took a taxi. I had an ominous premonition at the time. really. A taxi came, ignoring the waving of my buddies and me, and went straight to the beauty. The beauty looked at me and laughed. hehe……

6. Hear the two girls chatting in front. A: “Do you like rabbits?” B: “Not very much.” A: “Then why do you raise rabbits?” B: “Because I like carrots!” Like carrots?

7. Declined to negotiate . Bargaining hurts feelings. 2. Monopoly sincerity is valuable, bargaining is not high. 3. The monopoly is forever, and the bargaining is even more hurtful.

8. Today, for a car model beauty. Reluctantly disposed of the Lamborghini that had been with me for two years. In fact, it is not because I am lustful, nor is it self-willed. It’s just that the picture is so beautiful that it will get tired after watching it for a long time. So… the wallpaper must be changed frequently…

9. I went to buy a box set today. When I checked out, the girl at the cash register looked at me and said: This is Durex, do you want it? I replied, yes, the girl saw this, and said again that this is a condom , I replied, yes. You want to buy? …What do you mean by TM

10. “What kind of boyfriend do you want to find?” “Low IQ and thin” “Huh? Why?” “Low IQ can’t fool me, if he is too fat to lie to me, I can beat him to death!” !”

11. Xiao Wang asked Lao Zhang: “When you meet a coffin bearer on the road, should you hide in front? Or hide behind?” Lao Zhang: “It’s best to hide inside!”

12. I have a girl friend who used to take selfies very much. I haven’t seen her taking selfies recently. I wondered what happened to her?
The pixels are too high, she said.

13. My dad looked at the photo with my mom and asked, “Why does your mom look like a city beauty, but you look like a melon grower?” I said quietly, “My mom took the photo.” Dad nodded: “So your mother only fucked her?” “No, she fucked the steel fork in my hand.”

14. Cao Cao invites Liu Bei to drink. During the banquet, Cao Cao invited Liu Bei to write a poem. He wanted to take the opportunity to make trouble . He pointed to the plum blossoms in the garden and said: “Winter plum,” Liu Bei saw the green plum on the table and said: “Plum…”, but Cao Cao said again: “Winter plum, plum,” . There was a loud thunder in the sky, and Cao Cao’s eyes showed a fierce look. Liu Bei was frightened and hurriedly answered: “Aren’t you afraid of being hot since you were a child?”

15. During the first chemistry class in junior high school, the teacher asked us how to tell the difference between flour and starch, and my deskmate yelled, “Look at which one can make dumplings!” The teacher glared at him and continued to ask, “Then how to tell the difference between alcohol and vinegar? “, if you want to say that I am still at the same table, stand up and shout, “Dip it with dumplings!”

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