March 28, 2023

1. In the mother unit, one of the colleagues is Yuan Jian. His wife is pregnant. One day he discusses the name of the baby with everyone, and asks everyone to give advice. Colleagues expressed their opinions, and a certain colleague came up with a sentence: Dad’s name is Yuan Jian, and his son is of course called Duplicate!

2. A beautiful colleague came to the unit, but her WeChat avatar was the logo of the women’s restroom! I was very curious, and asked her why, the beauty said: This means I am a virgin, and I am even more strange, does it matter? The beauty replied: No man has ever gone to the women’s restroom…

3. A group of old men in the unit dormitory are talking about boring farts. This is a second-hand colleague shouting: Come here, there is a beautiful woman taking a bath opposite.

A group of gentlemen huffed and ran to the balcony, ready to feast their eyes, only to see that the beauty opposite was indeed taking a bath, but it was for her pet dog.

With a scream of “ah”, the second-hand colleague has been lying on the bed for two days…

4. On a blind date

Woman: What do you do for work?

Male: Work on environmental pollution control.

Female: This job is good! Can you take me to visit your unit?

Male: But our unit cannot enter for free.

Woman: Then I can pay, right? How much does it cost to go in once?

Male: One piece for the large size , 50 cents for the small size …

Woman: Nima, sweep… the toilet…

5.In the morning, a female man in the unit eats breakfast at work, and a wretched man stares at her. Female man: “See if I beat you to death.” Wretched man: “You can’t do it to me.” Female man: “If you can’t do it, you can do it.” Seeing a steamed stuffed bun fly onto the wretched man’s face…

6. A girl who signed up for a memory improvement course went to the school to get an application form. On the form to perform official duties, applicants are required to fill in various columns, such as: home address, unit, phone number, etc. The lady thought for a while, and then angrily wrote on the form: “If I can remember this, why am I still going to school!”

7. A domineering female colleague in the unit once went to a dinner party and wore a slip-back dress. The wife of a colleague teased and said: “This dress is really beautiful. It would look better if the front was like this.”

Without even thinking about it, the woman said directly: “I am the same before and after, just leave one side out.”

Sister, you really are a female arhat

8. In today’s lecture on fire protection in the unit, people from the fire brigade said that when they went to fight the fire a few days ago, a woman rushed out holding a computer at the last moment. The firefighter was very angry and asked her: You don’t want to die, money is more important than life. What do you need a computer ? The woman was wronged and said that she was an accountant of the company, and a lot of data in the computer was very important. The fireman became even more anxious when he heard this: Nima has a little common sense, okay, the data is important, you hold the host, what the hell are you doing with a monitor!

9. The office director who is about to retire feels a little unwell these days, so he goes to the unit health center to see a doctor.

The doctor asked: Do you drink alcohol?

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