March 28, 2023

First draw the fish head, then draw the curved body, then draw the fins, and finally draw the tail, and then you can color the small fish, first paint the body purple, paint the fins and mouth red, dorsal fin and Paint the tail in nude pink, and the simple fish is finished.

Step 1. First draw a small mouth, then draw the outline of the fish body. When drawing, pay attention that the body is curved, and the head is much larger than the tail.

Step 2. Then draw the head, draw a big and round eye, draw fins on the body, which are shaped like shells, and draw stripes on it.

Step 3. Then draw the dorsal fin with wavy lines, which gradually become smaller downwards. Then draw the tail of the fish. The shape of a small fish is drawn.

Step 4. Finally, color the small fish, paint its body purple, red its fins and mouth, and nude pink on its dorsal fin and tail. A simple and beautiful little fish is drawn.

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