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Painting, 1,56 on 2,78, 2013

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Maria Sivkova


I started my Art Education at the age of 11 (in 2005) at Novomoskovsk Art Courses for children. There I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative art, history of arts. Then (in 2009) I went to Art College in Ryazan. There I study painting, drawing, history of arts, photography, draughting, perspective, graphic design and computer graphic, technic of painting, theory of colour. I also took part in many Art Competitions in my country. I am 4 year student of this College. During for mI work with different medium for realization my ideas. I am young perspective modern artist. Maybe I don’t have enough art contacts, but I need place to exhibit my artwork and practice my art. You can find my art works, using these links: http://www.artmajeur.com/maria-sivkova/

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