March 28, 2023

1. Last night when my husband came back, I was playing with my mobile phone on the bed to grab a red envelope. The guy was very interested and tried to do it. But I was having a good time, so I asked him not to hinder me from grabbing a red envelope. He asked me how much I can grab a red envelope at most. Said one dollar, the guy actually snatched my mobile phone: “I’ll give you five dollars tomorrow!”

2. Mom: Son, do you know the customs and habits of the Dragon Boat Festival? Son: I know, I know. Eating zongzi, racing dragon boats, hanging mugwort leaves , drinking realgar wine , and… Mom: What else? Son: There is also WeChat to grab red envelopes!

3.When I went to work today, I suddenly heard a female colleague yelling: rub me. rub me. Come and rub me hard… I am secretly happy, it turns out that the high-cold girl is also a dick, so hungry… I asked, what are you doing, and the answer: Master, grab the red envelope again… I am completely drunk

4.In the morning, I grabbed a red envelope in the group of colleagues, and the beautiful colleague said to me: send one. Me: I have no money. Beauty: Pauper. Me: Do you know what a poor man is? Beauty: The poor only have eggs left. I was so sweaty, I asked: What if there are no eggs? Beauty: That’s called being poor. Well, beauty, you win.

5.A Shaxi person in the group sends red envelopes in the group. When he clicks on it, one wallet becomes a hundred, each of which is a penny. The key is that there are only dozens of people in the group, and only a dozen people will grab it Red envelopes, he packs a hundred, and no one can take away a few cents from him. In the end, the rest will belong to him. Fortunately, I am on the Internet at home. The few who use data are not happy, they are all complaining and sighing , At the end of the month, snatching him a red envelope and risking such a big risk is not enough for the traffic fee.

6.Recently, I often hear people robbing red envelopes, so I wonder, do I still need to grab red envelopes?

My red envelopes are all given to me, don’t do it! Hate it to death!

I even swore that whoever gives me a red envelope again, I will shoot him to death!

seriously! No kidding! Forget it, stop talking, move bricks!

Wait until I save enough money to buy a mosquito net! Let’s see who can give me a red envelope!

7.Colleagues have been grabbing Alipay red envelopes all morning, but the boss found out and was furious: “Absent during work hours, I don’t even want to do it anymore! Could it be that Tencent will give you more money than me? Everyone’s red envelopes are gone this year!”

Nima, this is a big loss…

8.”Can you stop grabbing red envelopes with your mobile phone… You are grabbing food, walking, and pooping… Don’t you want to be so exaggerated! I don’t know when you will grow up!”

Yesterday, my 4-year-old daughter taught me this way…

9.Damn, just watched the baby’s father snatch the red envelope with horror just now, I was so excited, more nervous than him! With 120,000 points of energy, I can’t do without the phone screen every minute. Then I was very excited to grab the big red envelopes of one cent, two cents, twenty-five cents, and eighteen cents. Husband’s, big red envelopes! Get rich depends on it.

10.Every time I can’t get up in winter, I will use a sentence to motivate myself: If you don’t have the ability to make money in bed, don’t stay in bed! So, I silently took out my phone and started grabbing red envelopes!

11.According to observations, the average age of those who call themselves “girls” is 28, those who call themselves “weird aunts” are 19, those who call themselves “mothers” are 17, and those who call themselves “baby” are 37.

The average weight of the self-proclaimed “fat man” is 90 jins, those who call themselves “the younger ones” are all good-looking soft girls, those who call themselves “the president” are all young red envelope snatchers, and those who call themselves “big brothers” are all little girls who long for lilies.

12.Classmate: I poked the screen of my mobile phone into several pieces to grab a 0.56 yuan red envelope…

Me: Enough is enough for you… mine is all broken into dregs and I don’t have a penny…

13.A colleague of mine sprayed three characters on the outside of his tool cabinet and on his hard hat, Wang Jiudan. Since then, everyone has called him Wang Jiudan.

One day a certain leader also called out: Wang Jiudan, come here.

He ran over in a hurry, smiled at the leader and said: Brother, what do you want from me?

The leader thought about it for a while and his face turned green… green…

From now on, Wang Jiudan calls everyone Brother

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