March 28, 2023

Don’t bring such jokes, come and give this classmate some applause, don’t follow the routine, the connotation of the joke is shit, it’s afternoon, I didn’t eat lunch, hurry up and hand it over to me, etc. 15 hilarious and happy teacher and tablemate jokes.

1 . I am Yang Nima.

When I was in junior high school, my English was too poor, and the next month I copied the goddess at the same table, and I got 90 points in the original 50 points test.

After the test paper is sent out, the spotted pigman will pull it out for me

At the beginning, I refused to admit that I copied it, but Ban Zhuyu said to me earnestly: Teacher hopes to see an honest Yang Nima.

Thinking that there would be no punishment, I confessed: Well, I cheated. As a result… was fired.


2. Once the music class teacher asked

We volunteered to sing on stage, but no one dared to do it. At that time, I was a little distracted, and my deskmate played tricks, saying that there was a cut in the armpit of my clothes. I raised my hand to show him, no, the music teacher said, okay, Come give this classmate some applause.


3. I remember when I was in high school, my deskmate went to sleep in the first class in the morning, and I secretly adjusted his phone to 3:00 pm. This guy woke up halfway through his sleep, looked at his watch, and yelled! Damn it’s afternoon, I didn’t eat lunch! ! ! More than 30 people in the class and the Chinese teacher looked at us… and then they disappeared!


4. In college classrooms, especially in this gloomy weather, students are enthusiastically clasping their mobile phones. The teacher suddenly said: Students, pay attention, hand in your mobile phone after class, the remaining battery power of your mobile phone is your final exam score! Damn, I saw 60% of the battery left. It was too late, and then I clicked madly, and saw that the battery had dropped to 59%. Finally, with a sigh of relief, I returned the phone to the deskmate


5. When I was in junior high school, my little brother would be up at any time, and would move if he couldn’t stand it. Once in a class with the director , the girl at the same table actually complained to the teacher, saying that the landlord often brought some small animals to the classroom and kept them in her trouser pocket. She often I saw it was moving, it was still moving just now, so I asked the teacher to check it quickly, the teacher asked the landlord to hand it over without saying a word, I really don’t have it, teacher, what do you want me to hand over…


6. The same table was playing with the phone and didn’t adjust the vibration. Suddenly a message came and the guy immediately threw the phone to me. The eyes of the classmates and the teacher all cast over, I immediately got up and smashed the phone and said: Teacher, I will not play in the future.


7. One day in Chinese class, the teacher came in and asked us to read the textbook first, and then he began to write the homework we were going to write today on the blackboard. After a while, the teacher wrote a blackboard full of homework. At this time, the teacher saw the deskmate who was sleeping, and I kindly called him. As a result… he got up and looked at the teacher, then at the blackboard, went to the podium and erased everything written by the teacher, then went back to his seat and continued to sleep, the whole class was silent…


8. In history class, my deskmate asked ”: Teacher, who is Lao Tzu? ”, the teacher said ”: You can just ask anyone on the street”.


9. I sat at the same table in high school for two years. One day in the chemistry competition remedial class, the teacher asked what method to use to remove the scale. This guy reacted very quickly, stood up quickly, and said loudly: “Steel ball!!”

I will never forget the teacher’s murderous eyes!


10. My female deskmate was male. One day in class, my deskmate was playing with my mobile phone and I watched it with me. The teacher came to the deskmate and we didn’t notice it. Suddenly, the teacher asked the deskmate, “What are you doing with your head down?” Answer Said “My trousers are zippered, I will zip it up” The teacher then asked me “He zipped his trousers, what are you looking at? _?” “…”


11. Once in a math class, I was sleeping at the same table, and the teacher wrote a math problem on the blackboard. The teacher said: “Who wants to come up and do it.”

At this time, I woke up my deskmate and said, “Hey, the teacher asked you to go up and clean the blackboard.”

He looked up at the teacher, who looked at him and nodded with a smile.

He stood up suddenly and walked towards the blackboard, so the classmates looked at him in surprise.

So he picked up the blackboard eraser and wiped the entire blackboard. There was applause from the ground, and the teacher was full of black lines.


12. In class, the English teacher asked: “What follows the verb?”

My deskmate answered quickly: “Take time, verb play time, moving magnet call time… moving magnet call time… The boundless end of the world is my love…”

“Get out of here right now, right now!!”

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