March 28, 2023

1. We had dinner together with classmates, and a buddy’s mobile phone was broken, and told us: wait for Iphone6 ​​to come out now.

We immediately felt tall and noble, and added a sentence later: buy a 4s at that time.

2. Today, I went to sing with my friends. Mr. A chose a song “Conquer”. He sang to the climax and couldn’t go up. He called Mr. B who was at home for help. He just put the microphone on the receiver of the mobile phone , Mr. B sang on the phone, so we listened to Mr. B singing. Then I heard another call from the phone: Order me another song “Lying”…

3. Our love is two dramas: at the beginning it was a Korean drama, and the goal is a Japanese drama; our work is two meetings: we have a meeting at work, and we end after work; our fun is two scenes: one computer screen and one mobile phone screen; our goal is Two generations: feed the next generation and raise the previous generation; our life is two rooms: an office during the day and a bedroom at night.

4. I am a novice driver, and I am blind.

I went to a strange place with my husband today, but I had to come back with my son.

After a while of navigating on the mobile phone, the battery ran out, and it was all up to my seven-year-old son to read the road signs and guide him home.

As soon as he entered the house, the son let out a long sigh: “Oh, I finally know the usefulness of a man. Without a man to guide you, you women can’t even find a home!”

5. My classmate received a call that day to sell Apple mobile phones, 5s 1,000 yuan.

My classmate said anxiously after hearing this: “Do you know what my family does?”

The man said “I don’t know.”

My classmate yelled: “My family sells apples! Can you buy them for one yuan per catty?”

Then I pressed the hook button, and I could completely think of what the person on the other end of the phone said.

6. I have a very smart friend. Once, he was walking on the road. Come here big brother, borrow your phone. Friends have heard a lot about liars. He said cleverly: You can borrow it, but I want to take a photo of you first. The eldest brother said: Good. Then the friend took a photo of him with his mobile phone, and lent it to the eldest brother after the photo was taken. Then, the eldest brother ran away with his mobile phone…

7. Warm reminder: Comrades who take a nap in the office at noon, pay attention, don’t leave your mobile phones indiscriminately. Yesterday at noon, a male colleague went out without taking his mobile phone away. His wife kept calling. The female colleague who was taking a nap was annoyed by the noise. She took the mobile phone and yelled: “We are sleeping, are you annoying!” The result , that male colleague has not come to work until now! Students, be sure to keep in mind, do it and cherish it! …

8. One winter, I met a beautiful girl. Temperament is very good. That year, the two of us stuck together almost every day, either going to bars or discos. One night, when we got home drunk, she started making trouble. Cry, cry hard. She hid in the bathroom alone and cried. I kicked the door open and pulled her out, and she went into the closet again, and started crying. After finally getting her onto the bed, she hugged me and cried again. (Sweating) It’s not over yet, I don’t know that nerve is wrong, seeing the mobile phone next to it, it slams, and hits the wall hard. I just watched that beautiful foldable phone split in half. The next day, she woke up. Holding his head up, he looked at the broken mobile phone on the ground, ran downstairs angrily and brought a brick up. I looked at her inexplicably, not knowing what she wanted to do. I saw this beautiful MM picked up a brick and smashed it hard at the phone. After breaking open the shell, she took out the parts inside, looked at me with a smile and said, “Hehe, these parts are worth 300 yuan. Sell ​​it and scrape together the money to buy a mobile phone!””.

9. I don’t talk, say I’m dumb, talk, say I’m arguing about not doing my homework, say I don’t like studying, let’s do my homework, say I’m prudish in their eyes, I can’t do my homework twenty-four eyes If something happens, you will go blind if you play computer or mobile phone for 24 minutes.

10. In addition to your usual mobile phone number, is there another mobile phone, a phone number, which is turned on 24 hours a day, and only communicates with one number. You don’t save the name of that number, but you remember it in your heart. As long as you hear your phone ringing, the corners of your mouth will rise unconsciously…

11. Respect, see this message, your mobile phone has been poisoned, throw it in the air to kill the virus, be careful not to pick it up with your hands, just touch the ground, if the mobile phone still displays this information interface, please repeat this action, April Fool’s Day, little Little fool you, Happy April Fool’s Day!

12. A buddy of mine was dating a girl for the first time. He farted loudly while standing on the bus on a bumpy road.

The girl looked at him when she heard the sound, and he said in a hurry: “The ringtone of my mobile phone has a personality…” The girl smiled awkwardly.

After a while, the girl covered her nose and said: Check if your phone is blurred.

my buddy…

13. I secretly played King of Glory at work, and accidentally clicked on the manager to give gold coins. Within five minutes, the manager came to me and said that you can use your mobile phone and dare to notify me. Then the mobile phone was confiscated and fined 50.

14. Just now, my second-hand girlfriend rummaged through the closet and found a mobile phone waterproof bag that I had been strolling in Wanda Plaza some time ago. She scanned the QR code to give me a small gift for free. She insisted on trying to see how the waterproof effect is. Basin of water, then put on the bag, throw the phone down, all in one go! As a result, the phone got flooded, so I said something cheap, you are just like this bag, your brain got flooded, that’s right, this bastard snatched my phone decisively, and threw it in the basin too. …

15. A classmate from my improvement class came over to me and said, “Hey, my iCrazy 6 is out of battery, please answer the phone and make a call.” I took out 4 mobile phones from my bag and asked: ” What color do you want?” As a result, the whole class looked directly at me.

16. Goddess: Dumb, I lost my wallet.

It’s okay, let me use it!

Goddess: Dumb, I lost my phone.

It’s okay, my mobile phone is for you to use.

Goddess: Dumb, I’m so sad, I lost my boyfriend this time.

Hahaha, happiness came too suddenly.

Six months later, the little dumb fell to the ground.

17. A couple broke up for many years and became strangers.

Several years later, at a class reunion, the girl lost her mobile phone, and the boy skillfully pressed her phone number to call.

On the caller ID of the girl’s mobile phone, the word “husband” can be clearly seen.

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