March 28, 2023

1. During class, the teacher lectures on it, and the monitor sleeps below!

He was at the same table and the teacher didn’t pay attention, so he whispered “get out of class is over” next to the monitor’s ear

This guy instantly stood up as if he had been injected with chicken blood, and shouted: Stand up!

As a result, four absent-minded students in the last row stood up quietly and shouted: Goodbye, teacher!

2. In class, the teacher taught one, two, three, four, five. After the lesson was over, the teacher pointed to “two” and asked Xiao Gang, what word is this? Xiao Gang replied: I don’t know! The teacher asked again, what is the name of the father of you and Xiao Ming at the same table? Xiao Gang replied: It’s called Second Uncle! Teacher: This word is the “two” of the second uncle! Remember? Xiao Gang replied: Remember, it is the second uncle’s second! The teacher pointed to “two” and asked Xiao Ming: What does this word read? Embarrassed, Xiao Ming replied: That’s my father! The teacher said, get out!

3. When I was in junior high school, I failed all the grades in the class once. When the head teacher came in, his face was full of anger, and he threw the book on the table.

I asked, “Are you still learning or not?”

Everyone buried their heads and did not dare to make a sound. At this time, my deskmate didn’t know which muscle was wrong, so he let out a very long fart.

I also said cheaply: “Teacher, he doesn’t learn!”

The teacher blushed from holding back, and finally couldn’t help but lie on the table and laugh.

4. Today, the teacher asked a test question: What kind of person are you?

There are four types of personalities: P, S, A, and W.

After the test, my deskmate said loudly: I am P, I am P. What are you?

The whole class watched him silently…

5. The poster is a high school student. During class one day, the students in the class are talking and sleeping. The Chinese teacher has a good temper and didn’t get angry with us. He just said something. When I woke up, I felt like a student in front of me, and my deskmate helped to cover the clothes, so as not to catch a cold, the class was instantly quiet.

6. When I was in high school, there was a political exam. I had to find out, and there were a hundred judgment questions, right or wrong.

Two days later, the test results were released. My deskmate got a zero score. After class, the teacher called me to the office and shouted out in anger: How do you know the correct answer!

7.In Chinese class today, a boy fell asleep on the table. The teacher found him, then pointed at him calmly and said, “My deskmate is concerned.” So, the deskmate took off his coat and put it on the sleeping boy…

8. I remember when I was in the first year of high school, my deskmate was playing on the mobile phone in class, afraid that the teacher would suddenly come in from the back door

Turn around after playing for a while, there is no teacher to continue playing

Every time he turned his head, the boy sitting by the back door thought he was looking at him, so he suddenly lowered his head and blushed.

A month later, the man confessed to my tablemate

9. When I was in elementary school, my deskmate didn’t want to go to class, so I asked the teacher for leave: “Teacher, my grandma passed away today!” Then tears fell down my face.

The teacher replied faintly: “Your grandma just came to the office and told me not to be soft when it’s time to beat you.”

10. The deskmate and the front desk keep passing papers to each other in class, but the teacher always finds out.

One day, they passed papers again, and the teacher called them by name, went to take the paper they passed, and saw that it said: “The person who saw this paper is a fool.”

11. On the third day of school, I beat up my deskmate. The teacher asked me to call the parent, but I said it was fine, and I could win by myself.

12. I remember that the first time I came to my aunt was in the class of junior high school. At that time, the skirt was dyed red. I had read books on this subject anyway, and knew that it was my aunt, so I kept silent. I didn’t expect that I was at the same table. Seeing it, he immediately took off his clothes, tore the clothes into pieces and asked me: “Where is the injury, show me quickly, I will tie it up for you, and then shouted to the teacher: She is injured, she is bleeding a lot, hurry up!” Come help me… Then, I became famous, and people gave me the nickname: A little red in my crotch!

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