March 28, 2023

1. Just after being woken up, I heard a man shouting in the community: Beat to death, beat to death, beat to death, reverse, reverse. This is the rhythm of something big going on! See what’s going on, I quickly got up and ran to the window…

I’ll go, a man directs his wife to reverse the car!

2. A cousin of mine married my uncle, and his family has two sons. My land is on the edge of the village. Every time they went to relatives and passed by, my cousin took them to call me brother, and my cousin took them to call me uncle. The two little guys came to meet me alone, their faces flushed and they didn’t know what to call.

3. Xiao Ming is learning idioms. One day his mother asked him to go shopping in a certain place, and reminded him: “If you don’t know how to get there, ask Uncle Pol-ice.” Xiao Ming got lost on the road and didn’t know how to get there, so he found a stone and threw it at Pol- Uncle ice and asked him how to get there. Pol-ice asked him in a daze why he smashed it, and Xiao Ming said, “Throwing stones to ask for directions!”

4. I remember visiting my ex-mother-in-law once, but my sister-in-law was also there. When I was sleeping at night, my sister-in-law asked my mother-in-law to find pajamas. Occasionally, I heard my sister-in-law say: This pajamas are too short, and the buttocks are exposed. The mother-in-law said: It’s okay, your brother-in-law is not an outsider. Hearing this host burst into tears instantly, it is really a blessing to have such a mother-in-law!

5. The reason why the ugly duckling can become a white swan is not because of his hard work, but because it is the child of the white swan…

6. On the subway, a child ran around in the car, and the moment the door closed, he ran out, and his parents were stunned!

7. When we were in love, my husband’s cooking was really unpalatable. After a few days of eating, I hated it and started doing it myself. All kinds of compliments my cooking was delicious! I have been doing it for a long time, until I went home to cook a meal during the Chinese New Year, looking at the leftovers on the table, I fell into thinking…

8. In the morning, my younger brother was taught a lesson by his mother because he was naughty. At noon, my mother was cooking in the kitchen, and my brother suddenly came in and slapped my mother. Do you think this is GC? No! Then the younger brother asked: Mom, do you feel pain? My mother said: Of course it hurts! The GC is coming. The younger brother probably exhausted all his strength and shouted: Then you still hit me! ! !

9. It is not a sudden decision for anyone to leave you. People’s hearts are slowly turning cold, leaves are gradually turning yellow, stories are slowly written to the end, and love becomes not love because of too many disappointments.

10. One day, a woman was added to WeChat. She said that she lived in the United States and was about to return to China. She had never been to China, so excited. Mouth full of English words with very sweet Chinese. How much I want to say to her in standard Mandarin : Sister, I added you by searching people nearby.

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