March 28, 2023

Although the words are not good, but I don’t deny, congenital deficiency, looking for smokers, smoking less, drinking less, needing a man, how to go back, etc. 20 jokes about the doctor who laughed so hard.

1. The portrayal of most people in China today is like this: they don’t know the law, they don’t know diplomacy, they don’t know politics, they don’t know history, but they think they are good at everythingJokes are for everyone! Let kids have a laugh with these kid friendly jokes..
Sometimes he is a politician on the Internet , sometimes he becomes a doctor, and he also becomes an engineer, professor, and lawyer. He is proficient in 364 lines of 365 lines, except for the line he has learned.
There is only a position, no IQ, only opposition, no thought…

2. The patient went to the hospital to see a doctor, and the doctor told the patient to smoke less and drink less alcohol in the future.
The patient did as he did, but during the follow-up examination, the disease became more serious.
The doctor said that you should not smoke or drink in the future, and the patient said: “I never smoked or drank before!”

3. Mulan joins the army and suddenly has menstruation~~~~ I have no choice but to find a place to hide~~ She ran to hide in the flowers so that no one can see~~ But suddenly an eyeless missile flew over~~Bang [Explosion] By Mulan’s side~~ Mulan passed out… After waking up, Mulan found herself lying on the hospital bed, beside the bed was a military doctor who had been there for many years. Mulan thought that she would reveal her secrets this time~~~~ She didn’t want to, but the military doctor kindly comforted Mulan: “Brother, I have a bad news and a good news. The bad news is that you were hit by a missile~~ Unfortunately, your second child was [bombed] ] It’s gone. There’s still a lot of bleeding~~—” Mulan sighed, secretly happy: “Fortunately, this doctor’s eyesight is blurred. It’s passed~~~~” Then she asked eagerly: “Then what’s the good news?” …

4. The doctor told a fat man that if he ran 8 kilometers a day for 300 consecutive days, he could lose 34 kilograms. After 300 days, the doctor received a call from the fat man, saying that he had lost so much weight, but he had a problem. The doctor asked, “What’s the problem?” The fat man said, “I’m more than 2,400 kilometers away from home, how can I go back?”

5. A sailor said he had a chest pain and asked a doctor for treatment. The doctor lifted his clothes and saw a complete world map tattooed on his chest.
The doctor asked: Where is the specific location, please show me.
Sailor said: In Brazil. the sailor answered.

6. A patient goes to the hospital to see a doctor. When the doctor finished his treatment and wrote out a prescription, the patient looked at it in his hand and asked, “Are you a doctor?” “Do you have any questions?”
“How can I understand what you wrote?”

7. I am a doctor, and I have a relationship with a patient, and I feel very guilty. There are always two villains in my head trying to persuade me. A said: It’s okay, you are not the only doctor who has a relationship with the patient, don’t feel guilty. But B said again: You are a veterinarian…you are a veterinarian…

8. The husband who is a doctor often brags about his medical skills in front of his wife. I know you are a very successful doctor, there is nothing wrong with the patient, and you have a way of telling him what is wrong. The wife said to her husband. What is that! My husband seems very proud. My success is because I am a specialist doctor and I can train patients to be sick in my clinic.

9. A doctor is about to go home at midnight after an emergency. Walking to the elevator door, I saw a female nurse, and they took the elevator downstairs together, but the elevator didn’t stop when it reached the first floor, and kept going down. When they arrived at B3, the door opened, the elevator door opened, and a little girl appeared in front of them, lowering her head and saying that she wanted to take the elevator. Seeing this, the doctor hurriedly closed the elevator door, and the nurse asked strangely: “Why didn’t you let her come up.” The doctor said: B3 is the morgue of our hospital, and the hospital tied a red ribbon to the right hand of each corpse. Right hand, there is a red ribbon on her right hand… The nurse heard this, gradually stretched out her right hand, and said with a sneer, “Is it… such a red string?

10. The psychiatrist said to me: “You have severe persecution paranoia.”

I sneered: “Hmph, I knew that after all, someone deliberately made me suffer from this strange disease.”

11. Her husband is an accountant of an office, and most of the things bought at home are reimbursed by the office with an invoice.

On this day, her black dog fell ill, and she asked the doctor to issue a reimbursement slip for a few dollars worth of medicine. The doctor asked her what name to write, and she said: Just write Black Dog, Zhang Black Dog!

Zhang Heigou? Does your dog have a last name? the doctor asked strangely.

She said: Zhang Heigou is the baby’s father’s name, so the agency will reimburse him.

12. The director of the hospital told the attending doctor: When you give the inspection report to the leader’s wife later, the words must be elegant.

After the examination, the doctor said to the leader’s wife: “Congratulations, madam, there is a beautiful 30-carat stone in your kidney.”

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