March 28, 2023

1.The landlord’s daughter has a four-year-old daughter. Today I took a bath for my daughter as usual, because it was cold, I was wearing long trousers for the shower, afraid of getting wet (leftover underwear), my daughter said, Mom, why are you growing hairy, I can’t explain it, so I said it was thread! ! She pulled out one at a time, and the host resisted the pain and did not dare to shout! But the guy suddenly said, Mom, don’t wash it for me, I will help you unplug the other threads… and asked: Am I good?Name: Obtained by parents

2. Gender: natural

Age: little

Height: just right

Weight: Appropriate

birthday: not yet

Phone: Motorola

E-mail: Applied by friends

Contact information: call me

Wide interest

What rewards have you received: Master Kong’s iced tea has been rewarded with another bottle many times.

Contact: call me.

Personal experience: I just got a tuba.

Parents’ names: Dad, Mom.

3.Tell everyone a joke, don’t hide it! One day, Xiao Ming went to music class, opened the first door, the music is me twisting here and there, the second door, get up and up, the third door, this is my home, I can’t leave it, the fourth Open the door, the Japanese escaped with their tails between their legs! Xiao Ming came home, and his mother asked: Xiao Ming, what song did you learn today? Xiao Ming said: I twist here and there. Mom said: Kneel down! Xiao Ming said: Get up and get up. Mom said: Get out for me! Xiao Ming said: This is my home, I can’t leave it. Mom said if you don’t go, I will go! Xiao Ming also said that the Japanese devils ran away with their tails between their legs! I burst out laughing…

4. The snail mother crawled on the road with a little snail on her back, and finally arrived at the destination, but the car that started at the same time with them was late. The little snail was very strange, so he asked: “Mom, why is the car not as fast as us?” The mother snail replied: “My child, we don’t have to worry about traffic jams.”

5. The mother said to the younger son: “Maxim, Victor is a very bad boy, I don’t want you to play with him.”

“And am I a good boy? Mom.”

“Of course, you’re fine.”

“Then Victor should play with me.”

6. Son: Mom doesn’t give me money, she doesn’t love me.

Dad: Silly boy, mom doesn’t give you money now, because she wants to give you a lot of money in the future .

Son: Then why did she give money to her sister?

Dad: Say you are stupid, you are really stupid. Giving money to your sister now is to ask your sister for a lot of money in the future.

Son: Aren’t men and women equal?

Dad: What an idiot! Didn’t you see everyone laughing at attracting investment and crying for construction projects?

7. What do aliens look like? Answer: His eyes are like Brother Eyes, his nose is like a hippopotamus, his mouth is like my mother, and his ears are like ghosts. The alien wears a glass cover on his head, which can hold fish.

8. Xiao Ming was learning Chinese characters at school. One day he went home and asked his father, how do you explain Shuang? Dad replied that one person {X} has four. Xiao Ming went to ask his mother again, and his mother said, four {X} for each person!

9. When I was young, I had a fight with my brother. My mother ran over and knocked each of them on the head. I was upset and shouted, why did I hit me so hard and my brother so lightly? I gave it again and said, “Who is more important now?” The world was instantly quiet!

1o. The eldest sister’s family has a son. One day I asked him, would my mother find a wife for you? He naively said no, but my mother said why, and he said that the daughter-in-law would have children

I can’t watch cartoons at home when my son is in the hospital! ! !

You can’t understand the world of children!

11. A woman met a man in the car with two children, a boy and a girl, and teased the children when they were bored. During the chat, they learned that the two children were twins. The girl was named Yixian, and the boy was named Yizhu. . It was a strange name, so the woman asked the child’s father why he chose these two names. It turned out that the mother of the two children was named Chen Huanian, and died of dystocia when giving birth to the two children.

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