March 28, 2023

1. A woman pushed open the door of the company’s reception, and she asked, “Can I see your manager?”


“Okay! That’s it,” the woman said angrily, “tell him that I am his wife.”

2. When my mother was cooking at night, my son frowned after tasting it and said, “Dogs don’t even eat this stuff!”

Mom turned her head: “Huh?”

Dad quickly picked up half a bowl and corrected: “My son said that only dogs don’t eat it!”

3. Female A: What book are you holding?

Female B: Sherlock Holmes collection.

Woman A: How did you become interested in detective novels?

Woman B: I suspect that my husband is hiding private money.

4. A young girl in the blooming season encounters two men holding knives to intercept her, struggling to beg her .

I watched helplessly as they lifted up their short skirts, took off their stockings and put them on their heads, and walked into a 24-hour supermarket.

5. The tenant said to the lobby manager of the 5-star hotel: Your room rate is so expensive, why can’t you spend some money to buy a good quality clock?

Hall Manager: The clocks in our hotel are of very good quality.

Tenant: What a hell! Of the six clocks on the wall, no two time is the same!

6. My wife bought a large bottle of Coke and asked me to unscrew it. I unscrewed it for a minute and there was no response. My wife said: You are still a man, you don’t even have the strength.

I said: Then go find someone else to twist it.

My wife took the Coke to find Brother Wang next door. After 15 minutes, I vaguely heard my wife say from the next door: Brother Wang, work hard, work hard.

Hehe, I was so happy. It has been 15 minutes and I still haven’t unscrewed it. This time I dare to say that I am not a man!

7. At some point, a small toad got mixed into the frog ‘s group of children. The mother frog thought her child had some strange disease, and was very anxious.

So the little toad was taken to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that a CT scan would help to better understand the condition.

The little toad got on the CT machine, and the report came out immediately, and the displayed content was: Riveted bulletproof vest.

8. One day I was playing cards with some brothers, and a brother’s ex-girlfriend suddenly came to the door. He lowered his head and didn’t look at her. She hesitated for a long time and then said: I’m pregnant! Can you……

The voice became smaller and smaller, but he still lowered his head and didn’t look at her. The brother at the side couldn’t listen anymore, so he rushed up and punched him: Are you a fucking man or not!

Another person pulled him and said: They broke up a year ago! Do not impulse!

9 . There was a hot afternoon when a beautiful lady went to take a bath in the pond. While she was taking a bath, a tadpole got into her lower body. After a few days, the lady felt pain in her lower body and went to see a doctor. So the doctor examined her. After a while, a tadpole and a suicide note (written by the tadpole) were dug out from the lady’s lower body. They watched carefully with a magnifying glass. It is written in the suicide note: fellow tadpoles, I no longer have any face to live in this world. down. That’s it!

10 . In the evening, a group of us were doing physical exercise. A female colleague was in a daze, meditating, and chatted with her after the break. I said, “I can do four or five movements a night, and a set of movements can last for an hour. ”

Her: “Really.”

Unexpectedly, at midnight, she called me and said she wanted to witness it.

Her husband has been on a business trip for more than a month, so I’m in a mess…

11 . English teacher Wen Wen celebrates her birthday and takes us to KTV.

Everyone bought a bunch of food and put it on the table, ready to eat.

There was a power outage in the box, and it was pitch black for a moment. After a few screams, it was silent.

Then there were bursts of crackling sounds of unpacking bags.

I go! They are all stealing! It’s really unqualified to eat food while it’s dark, one by one, what’s the matter?

What about image? A bunch of worthless goods! Just know how to eat!

Disdainful of me, I decisively took off my jeans to the instep, and squeezed towards a few girls while it was dark.

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