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Ginger Ando & Chuck Glicksman

The Crossing

video installation, 2013

porfolio  Ginger Ando and Chuck Glicksman

Tags: video installation

Fabrika Exhibit

Ginger Ando & Chuck Glicksman

Site-Specific Group Exhibition in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY in factory building

Fabrika Exhibit portfolios

Fabrika Exhibit/Aleksandr Razin
Aleksandr Razin
Fabrika Exhibit/Dmitry Krasny
Dmitry Krasny
Fabrika Exhibit/Emil Lansky
Emil Lansky

Fabrika Exhibit/Emil Silberman
Emil Silberman
Fabrika Exhibit/Ernie Sandidge
Ernie Sandidge
Fabrika Exhibit/Ethan Abelev
Ethan Abelev

Fabrika Exhibit/Exhibition
Fabrika Exhibit/Ginger Ando and Chuck Glicksman
Ginger Ando and Chuck Glic...
Fabrika Exhibit/Margot Spindelman
Margot Spindelman

Fabrika Exhibit/Milosz Koziej
Milosz Koziej
Fabrika Exhibit/Naomi Cruz
Naomi Cruz
Fabrika Exhibit/Randi Nussbaum
Randi Nussbaum